5 Steps to Selling Your Home

Selling your home can be a lot of work, but together we can make it as stress free and satisfying as possible. Keep scrolling to find out what you can expect every step of the way when you work with me.
Step 1

Set the Price

Step 2

Prep Your Home

Step 3

Be Seen

Step 4

Negotiate Offers

Step 5

Close the Deal

Step 1

Set the Price

Deciding on a sale price is one of the biggest decisions we will make when selling your home. We want to strike a balance between getting top dollar and pricing your home to sell quickly. How will we pick that magic number?

The Market & Your Home

Much of your home's value lies in its location and size, but there are many other factors we will consider when choosing a sale price, including:

  • Market Trends

  • Season

  • Housing Inventory

  • Relevant Market Comparables

  • Upgrades & Features

Pricing It Together

You know your home better than anyone else, and I know the market. Together we will look at what's happening in your neighborhood, identify what sets your home apart, and price it accordingly.

Your Attention Please

Once your home is on the market for all active buyers to see, we have one shot to grab their attention. And then we have to keep it. Which brings me to our next step: getting ready for showings.

Step 2

Prep Your Home

We will bring out the best of your home through staging, storytelling and imagery. And if all that sounds like a lot, that's because it is. I can help you prioritize what will have the biggest impact during showings.

Home Showing Tips for Sellers

Let's look at your house through the lens of a buyer. How can we highlight its most appealing features?

  • Refresh curb appeal.

  • Remove personal items.

  • Complete minor repairs.

  • Clean, clean, clean.

  • Stage your home.

Need help preparing for sale?

Sibcy Cline Home Services provides free connections to fully vetted, proven professionals.

What's the Plan?

The showing begins before a potential buyer even enters your home, and sometimes offers will come in before we've had any showings at all. That's why we will key in on which parts of your home are best to showcase in person, and which are best to feature in marketing descriptions and imagery.

From there I will develop a custom exposure plan that's right for your property. For example, if it's a high-end house with custom features, we will capture video of those special details to use in marketing. And that takes us to our next step: being seen.

Step 3

Be Seen

Once we officially list your home on the market, it's time to attract as many quality potential buyers as possible. We want people to find your home quickly and easily.

In my experience, the best path to a strong, speedy offer is exposure through all of the right touchpoints for your specific home, whether that is online, offline or both. Here are a few ways I will market your home for you:

Open Houses

Scheduling and managing all open houses and walk-throughs.


Publishing to your local MLS, and dedicating your own listing page on SibcyCline.com. 

Signs & Flyers

Staking professional signs and creating marketing materials such as flyers.


Leveraging my network at Sibcy Cline and roster of buying clients to seek out potential buyers.


Providing additional marketing exposure like direct mail and custom brochures.


Sharing regular reports with showing statistics and potential buyer feedback.


Did you know SibcyCline.com is the most viewed local real estate website? We average 40,000 daily visits.

Step 4

Negotiate Offers

Getting an offer is an exciting moment! We have goals to consider and so do potential buyers. Arriving at an agreed-upon sale price is the main objective, but there are many things to consider when negotiating contracts, including closing day, occupancy, contingencies and cash sale.

In addition to having developed my own skills, I am backed by a team at Sibcy Cline with decades of experience. Together can help negotiate the best terms for you-and think of things you may not have even considered-to be included in your legal contract. Here are some specific ways I can help:

Price Negotiating Expertise

Customized Contracts

Team Support

Multiple Offer Strategies

Stress Management

Step 5

Close the Deal

End this chapter of your life with a great closing day. There are a few things we can do ahead of time to make it go as smoothly as possible.

Keys to a Great Closing

  • Completion of agreed upon repair requests.

  • Effective collaboration with the buyer, banks and title companies.

  • Accurate paperwork.

By now, you may be more than ready to be done with the home selling journey and move on to your next chapter in your new home. And when you work with me, you can! I can handle all the details as you work toward your official closing date.

I can also coordinate your new home purchase, even acting as your agent if you would like the same level of service for both selling and buying.

Time to Sell Your Home?

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